Services Offered

The branches of our company are spread all across major cities in India with its Head office in New Delhi. It effectively supports our customers in providing effective, balanced and authentic research solutions.
The successful monitoring and handling the specific process requirements of primary as well as secondary type of research is attributed from our service support by providing their experienced and dedicated professional support. We offer customers solutions for different type of researches based on our process expertise and extensive field experience.

Our service includes:

  • Market Research Studies
  • Test Marketing Service
  • Business-to-Business Research Service
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies e
  • Brand Equity Research Service
  • Demand Estimation
  • Data Entry & Processing Servic
  • Qualitative Research
  • Tele Research Services
  • Car Clinic
  • Quantitative Research
  • Mapping Studies
  • Positioning Research Service
  • GIS Services
  • GPS Mapping Services
  • GIS Mapping Services
  • Social Research Services
  • Social Research Services
  • Social Research Survey
  • Group Discussion
  • Depth Interviews
  • Industrial Research Services
  • Tracking Studies
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Market & Business Research Services
  • Exit Poll Survey
  • Observation Services
  • Concept Testing
  • Health Sector Studies
  • Health Sector Studies
  • Healthcare Studies
  • Industrial Research Services
  • Tracking Studies
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Advertising Research Services
  • Rural Research Services
  • Socio Economic Studies
  • Agricultural Studies Services
  • Consumer Research Services

Here’s a list of our additional features/services for clients:

  • Face to Face interview
  • In-depth interviews
  • Self-completion interview
  • Print and media tests
  • Concept tests
  • Telephonic interviews
  • Focus group
  • Product tests
  • Central location test
  • Customer satisfaction test
  • Product placement
  • Data Collections
  • Analysis

An exclusive list of the reasons that make our services better than anyone else includes:

  • We provide customer in-depth market research based services that provide them the ability to take right decisions
  • These effective and well defined research services also enable clients in improving their business and marketing strategies
  • The integration of various resources & research based tools also help us in providing high level of accuracy in the derived end results