Content Marketing Solutions

Content Marketing Solutions

We specialize in creating engaging content for different digital touchpoints. Content Marketing as we know is evolving with time and the need for continuous outreach via content has become the cornerstone of customer acquisition in several verticals. Our suite of content solutions are geared to meet nearly every need and we have summarized some of the services we offer in this domain.

Social Content along with Strategy and Content Calendar

A Social strategy that does not factor well thought social content is likely to offer very limited results. To build engagement over time, we create a well thought out social strategy where the content on social handles and other touch points are geared to sync up with outreach efforts.

Note: We do not engage in Media buying - we leave it to the brands regular Digital Agency

  • General Content Article/Blog Content
  • Any form of web content, reviews, blogs etc.
  • ORM Content Packages
  • Content blocks needed to improve your ORM strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Tap an array of influencers to market your brand

Verbatim Blog Network

Our Blog Network comprises of over 500 partner blogger sites and influencers. We have in our network an array of blogs across categories like Beauty and Fashion, Lifestyle, Food and Entertainment and Sports. We are also the flag bearer of Beauty Blog Network India with widespread in the beauty and infotainment space.

The good part is that the readers will get to read articles, news and views on varied topics of their interest areas and they do not need to go anywhere outside the network. Something like having different TV channels, with each catering to a particular audience, while the parent production house makes sure the quality and brand is maintained throughout. The network is an attempt to co-join the talent of the best bloggers around on one big platform, while the spirit of individual earning through each one’s post remains intact only being 10 times more as on a whole they will be writing on a much bigger platform.

Across our blog network, advertisers would be able to target content across different genres and interest areas. Moreover, they will be able to target users who are educated and upwordly mobile. Some of specs of our blog network are:

  • 500+ partner bloggers sites
  • Over 3M plus monthly pageviews
  • Audience Split – 62% Female – 38% Male
  • Top Cities – Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Chennai