About Us

Being one of the India’s leading service providers in the professional market, we efficiently conduct both quantitative & qualitative research services. At different levels our company is backed by experienced staff to handle our research services efficiently such as advertising research, industrial research, social research, rural research, tele-research, consumer research, census and mapping, qualitative research, quantitative research and others. Our services includes Research Based Studies, Rural Development Studies, Qualitative Research, Tele Research Services, Quantitative Research, Mapping Studies, GIS Services, Remote Sensing Services, Agricultural Studies Services, Social Research Services, Industrial Research Services, Consumer Research Services, Market & Business Research Services, Advertising Research Services, Rural Research Services, Socio Economic Studies, Health Sector Studies.

All our business operations are handled by our Directors, Mr. Jasbir Singh and Mr. Kailash Arya driven by the visionary business approach of our Directors. Our Company has gained recognition as a leading organization in the field of market research, business research, Internet-based research, Internet media analysis (IMA), forms processing, database management, market surveys, secondary & primary data collection, document scanning, mailing list development, data cleansing as well as checking.

Today we are marked as an expert in the market for providing both primary & secondary research based services. We are also remarkably meeting the customized research needs of our clients by providing our expertise in marketing research studies designs with analytical knowledge.

Further we have an extensive range of services with young and highly qualified researchers which are backed by a team of experts and highly experienced staff with their valuable experience in the market research, socio-economic research, implementation of development programs and conducting social surveys to help us in achieving optimum end results.

Our company believes in delivering the solutions with clarity and creativity, that’s the reason we have designed a comprehensive range of qualitative and quantitative research solutions for our clients. Our aim is to provide our clients practical decision making solutions via an understanding of commitment to client needs and with insightful analysis and interpretation and thus guide the development of business strategies.


To establish long-lasting business association with our customers and providing them with market research, data collection & data analysis solutions through an open and transparent relationship aimed at achieving common goals.

Management & Team

Our aim is to consistently deliver quality end results and that is why all our research services are based on well-defined methodologies, which are regularly looked up by our top management and thus we successfully meet the specific goals of our clients. Our team ensures you get the best of services, thus bringing in the satisfaction quotient in main frame. No matter how big/small your project is, our specially designed research process delivers you nothing but what you exactly want out of our services.

Our Business Philosophy

Through and through, our motto remains to help our clients in the successful identification of the best solution in the perspective of optimal cost –benefit ratio and to understand their needs according to the market. We offer high technology infrastructure facilities which help our customers in redefining and repositioning their market position and to strengthen our aim. All these facilities are backed up with cutting edge tools as well as strategic inputs and resources and thus it promises to make positive growth in today’s competitive business environment.